New Zealand Slang: B

Bach – small holiday home or beach house

Back yard – part of the section behind the house, may include a vegetable garden, garden shed and clothes line, usually not visible from the front of the house.

Bags – expression of possession, used by children only

Barbie – barbeque

Bathroom – toilet, rest room

Bang on – dead centre

Bangers – sausages

Beaut – good, great fun

Beige brigade – New Zealand sport fans who identify themselves by wearing beige colors

Belly buster – belly flop

Bench – cooking counter

Bickies – biscuits

Big smoke – large city

BIRO – a popular brand of ballpoint pen that has become a generic term

Biscuits – cookies

Bit of a dag – person with a good sense of humor

Blimin – swear word, close bloody

Bloke – a man

Blow me down – an expression of surprise

Bludge – to receive something for nothing

Bluff oysters – oyster from the town of Bluff in the South Island of New Zealand; regarded as some of the best oysters in the world

Bobby calves – new born cow between four and seven days old

Boy racer – young man, with a fast car and a loud stereo

Booking – reservation

Boot – car trunk

Boondocks – rural area

Bonnet – car trunk

Bog – toilet

Brekkie – breakfast

Brit – person from Britain

Bro – friend, brother

Brassed off – annoyed, disappointed

Bright spark – an intelligent person

Bubble and squeak – re–cooked leftovers

Bubbly – sparkling wine

Bugger all – very little

Bugger – disappointed

Bum bandit – homosexual male

Bumper – fender of a car

Bung – something broken or not working

Bush – small forest, native trees

Bush lawyer – an unqualified law adviser

Bust a gut – make an intense effort

Buzzy bee – popular toy which resembles a bee with rotating wings that move and make a clicking noise

By jingoes – swearword

B.Y.O. – certain license given to restaurants which allow customers to bring there own alcoholic beverage


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