New Zealand Slang: C

Cadge – to borrow something

Candy floss – cotton candy

Caravan – towable mobile home

Cardy – woolen jersey

Carton – box

Carked it – died

Cervena – farmer deer meat, venison is the meat of a hunted deer

Cheers – thanks, good bye

Chemist store – drug store

Cheerio – cocktail sausages

Chips – crisps

Chip – small box of berries

Chilly bin – insulated cooler box

Chick – female

Chips – deep fried potato slices, thicker than French fry

Chippie – potatoes chip

Chocolate fish – chocolate coated marshmallow candy fish

Choice – expression of approval, great achivement

Chook – chicken

Choc–a–block – full, overflowing

Ciggies – cigarettes

Clobber – to be deaten up, or something that is beaten down

College – high school

Come again? – please repeat what you said more clearly

Cordial – syrup that is diluted to make a fruit flavored drink

Corn flour – corn starch

Cot – babies crib

Courgette – zucchini

Cowspanker – farmer

Crayfish – edible saltwater spiny lobster

Creek – fresh water stream

Crickey – swearword

Crib – small holiday home (in South Island)

Crook – feeling sick

Cuz – friend, cousin

Cuppa – cup of tea

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