New Zealand Slang: H

Haere Mai - come here (Maori origin)

Haka - traditional Maori dance

Hand bag - purse

Handle - pint of beer

Hangi - traditional Maori meal prepared in an underground oven

Hamu - unlawfully demand somebody for food or money

Hard yakka - hard work

Hardcase - person with a good sense of humor

Half pie - poor performance

Headmaster - principal of a school

Heart of gold - kind, open hearted person

Hei matau - traditional Maori pendant, made from bone or greenstone carving in the shape of a highly stylized fish hook

Helengrad - New Zealand's capital city Wellington during the period from 1999 to 2008 while Helen Clark was the Prime Minister of New Zealand

Hen fruit - eggs

Heaps - a lot, "There are a lot of boats in the harbor - There are heaps of boats in the harbor"

Hire - rent

Hissy fit - throwing a tantrum

Hokey pokey - very popular type of ice cream flavor in New Zealand

Home and hosed - exclamation of completing a task safely or successfully

Hoon - person who engages in loutish, anti-social behavior

Hongi - traditional Maori greeting, done by pressing one's nose to another person's nose

Hop to it - comment to act quickly

Hosing down - heavy rain

Hotdog - corndog in local fast food shops

Hottie - hot water bottle

Housetrucker - individuals, families or groups who convert old trucks and school buses into mobile-homes and live in them

Hurl - vomit

How it going mate - a common greeting


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