New Zealand Slang: G

Gawk – to stare at

Gidday – hello

Gumboot – rubber boots

Grotty – dirty

Girl guide biscuits – fundrasing sale of biscuits by a charitable girl's organisation

Give it away – to abandon something

Give it heaps – try your best

Godzone – New Zealand

Going bush – become reclusive

Going nuts – going insane or angry

Good nick – good condition

Good on you – expression of approval, friendly approval of somebodys actions

Good as gold – affirmative answer, aproval of quality

Growling – to nark

Gizza – could be used in a sentence in the place of "give us a.."

Grannyflat – small self contained house on the same section as the main house

Greases – fish and chips, popular takeaway meal in New Zealand

Greenie – conservationalist, or member of Green Party

Green fingered bro – someone who regularly smokes cannabis

Greenstone – New Zealand jade

Grunds – underwear


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