New Zealand Slang: P

P  –  Crystallised Methamphetamine, sort of addictive narcotics

Pakeha – non–Maori of European descent

Paddock – field with animals graze

Paua – abalone, popular and highly expencive eatable shell

Pavlova – meringue tort, covered in cream and fruit, named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova

Pashing – kissing

Petrol –  fuel for engine, gasoline, benzene

Pecking order – the order in which siblings are born

Petrol station – gas station

Pikelet – small pancake

Pinch – steal, “He pinched my pen!”

Pinky – small finger

Pinky bar – popular chocolate covered pink marshmallow candy bar

Pipi – edible shell

Pissing around – wasting time

Pissed – drunk

Pissing down – raining hard

Piss off – go away

Pissed off – angry

Plaster – band aid

Pressie – present

Pong – bad smell

Pottle – container in which strawberries are sold

Post code – zip code

Pram – baby carriage

Prang – minor vehicle accident

Primo – excellent, good, “This ice cream is primo!”

Pub – local bar


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