New Zealand Slang: S

Sammie – sandwich

Scab – unlawfully demand somebody for food or money

Scarfie – university student

Scrogin – trail mix of nuts and raisins

Scull – to drink quickly

Sesh – a period of time when marijuana is smoked

Section – plot of land

Shake a leg – command to hurry up

She'll be right – everything will be fine, “Don’t wary about your broken car, she’ll be right”

Shout – to buy something for everyone

Shot – thanks, cheers

Silver fern –  native plant  , one of the nation

Singlet – sleeveless under shirt

Skint – short on money

Sleepout – smal building separate from the main house, typically used for additional accommodation

Smidgen – smal amount

Smoko – short break from work which usually involves smoking

Snarler – sausage

Snarky – mixture of sarcasm and nasty

Snooty – packing a sad

Sparkie – electrician

Spanner – wrench

Spud – potato

Spew – to vomit

Spit the dummy – throw a tantrum

Squizz – to take or ask for a look at something

Stocked – very pleased

Stubby – small bottle of beer

Stuffed up – made a mistake

Stubby – small bottle of beer

Stuffed – tired

Strapped for cash – low on cash

Sticky tape – cello tape

Sunnies – sunglasses

Sussed out – understood

Super – elderly pension scheme, superannuation

Sweet as –something really good

Sunnies – sunglasses

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