New Zealand Slang: M

Maori roast – fish and chips, popular fast food

Maori – native people to New Zealand

Marmite – popular spread, made from yeast extract

Mainland – refers to the South Island, because it is slightly bigger than the North Island

Mate – commonly used for friend, but can also be used for a stranger

Mate's rates – special price of something offered for friends

Manus – idiot

Mean – good, “That’s a mean car!”

Metal road – country gravel road

Milo – brand of hot chocolate drink

Mince – ground meat

Mozzie – mosquito

Moko – traditional Maori tattoo that covers the face and body

Morning tea – late morning brake

Mr whippy – mobile ice–cream vendor in specially modified minivan

Munted – damaged beyond repair

Mucky - making a mess or something that can be messy

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